VW + Audi & Porsche = A Mutual Love

We do mean joint...As in glued and bolted together. We are not sure what to make of this...how to call it? Lupo? Former/future Audi A2? Audi A3? 

Well, long story short, the car underneath the heavy camouflage is in fact a Volkswagen Lupo. The front, borrowed from an Audi, rings included, makes the car become, as it owner calls it, the "Little Lord of the Rings". Riding on Porsche alloy wheels, go figure...The exterior of the car is, as you can see for yourself, hard to describe. What strikes us is the touch-the-road ground clearance which, to be honest, makes us wonder how does the car even get out of the garage... We can't really image it on another piece of tarmac than the one found on airports...

The VW BeeTTle

Nov 2, 2017 3:06 pm
The VW BeeTTle

Imagine if you had quandaries over just which old VAG A4-platform boutique car you wanted to own—New Beetle or Audi TT. Just how might you solve this vexing dilemma?

Well, if you’re Canadian then you just roll them together and be done with it. That’s just what a Canuck named Greg Henderson did back in the day, creating the New BeeTTle kit to TT-ize Volkswagen’s reborn People’s Car. The kits apparently crossed the line as far as trademark infringement was concerned in the eyes of Volkswagen, and the German company sued Henderson’s Canadian bacon. There’s not much info out there as to how many of these BeeTTle kits actually were created—if any—but regardless, the seller of this one claims this one to be the first.

Chuck Conselyea’s ’67 Beetle

Oct 10, 2017 9:49 pm
Chuck Conselyea’s ’67 Beetle

Here are a couple of photos of my 1967 Beetle, which I purchased about 11 years ago as a retirement gift. 

Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed improving my bug, and of course driving it. Hardly a time goes by when I have it out on the road that people don’t give me thumbs up, pull up beside me and throw compliments my way. It’s great and I love it.  The wide whites aren’t of course period correct, but everyone seems to like them. A recent addition is a roof rack from Vintage Speed. I like it.

Bratoberfest 2017 - How to get there

Here are the official maps for Bratoberfest 2017 at Addison's 30th Annual Oktoberfest. The first map is for entering the event, and the second map is for exiting the event.

All the surrounding roads will be shut down and city officials will be directing traffic into and out of the event. Please follow their instructions to a tee.

Once again, thank you for your support and we cannot wait to see you tomorrow. Prost!!!

Phantom Powdercoating

Aug 31, 2017 11:13 pm
Phantom Powdercoating

Meet Jeremy Kravitz. Owner and operator of Phantom Powdercoating. One of Dallas's up and coming.

Meet Jeremy, a retired Army veteran that served in Iraq with a love for all things fast. One example being his MK7 GTI. Sponsored by COBB, this thing is loaded out with an upgraded turbo, full bolt-ons, and a track oriented air ride setup with many components transformed by in house powder coating. After turning wrenches for years at Chrysler, Volkswagen, and AWD Tuning Jeremy decided to take matters into his own hands. 

Enter Phantom Powdercoating, the concept turned reality that put him in the place to do what he loves every day. Custom metal fab and transforming anything from wheels to a hood strut with whatever wacky color you can imagine is right up this man's alley. From our personal experience with Jeremy and Phantom Powdercoating, the time put into building relationships with his clients and the quality that comes out of his shop is what sets him above the competition. Don't just take our word for it though. Check out the Facebook link below to see for yourself.